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Visit Cairns & The Great Barrier Reef Region

Four of the world’s best eco-tourism destinations

March 19, 2020

As the travel industry becomes more aware of its impact on the planet, ecotourism is becoming an exciting, sustainable option for the future of travel. You may have heard the term thrown around once or […]

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The Best Summer Sports Destinations in New Zealand and Australia

March 16, 2020

Australia and New Zealand are all about sunshine. In the summertime, temperatures here frequently exceed 35 degrees. As long as you stay sun-safe, it’s the perfect weather to enjoy some of the incredible sports that […]

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How New Year’s Eve is celebrated around the world

March 3, 2020

No matter where you are in the world, New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration. It’s also the perfect opportunity to make a few resolutions (which you may or may not stick to). But […]

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5 amazing wildlife destinations around the world

February 28, 2020

One of our favourite reasons to travel is to see amazing wildlife from around the world. Whether it’s Kangaroos in Australia, Badgers in Britain or Dolphins in the Baltic, experiencing a new species for the […]

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How places in Australia got their names

February 21, 2020

The history of modern Australia is one of exploration, entrepreneurship and cultural diversity. From its colonisation in the late 18th century to today, the Australian people have formed a unique identity that’s unapologetically Aussie. That […]

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Australia and New Zealand’s most stunning National Parks

February 10, 2020

There’s a huge number of reasons to visit us here at Down Under – the culture, the history, the adventure. But something that’s always at the front of our guest’s minds is the amazing natural […]

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