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Reef and Rainforest Connections Port Douglas

Now part of Down Under Tours

Reef and Rainforest Connections is now part of the Down Under Tours family of brands.

We continue to provide a range of quality Day Tours from Port Douglas enabling visitors to the region to experience the best Wildlife, Rainforest and Aboriginal Experiences.

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Reef and Rainforest Connections

Our day tours take the beauty of the magnificent World Heritage Listed rainforests of the Wet Tropics National Parks including Kuranda, Daintree & Cape Tribulation.

The company and staff have a philosophy that encompasses consistency and integrity of product, price and service and are committed to environmentally sustainable practices.

In our many years of operation, we have continually reviewed and improved our range of day touring products, and are proud to provide the largest selection of day touring options available ex Port Douglas. Drawing from our extensive experience, we provide exclusive use / private charter itineraries for individuals, Educational and Incentive groups alike.

Our wide range of products include highlights such as Cape Tribulation, Kuranda Scenic Rail, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures along with authentic Aboriginal Experiences . We also offer private touring options in our luxury sedans for those who prefer to travel away from the crowds.

We are dedicated to giving you personalised and professional service – the best of touring and cruising in the tropics! You can be assured of courteous and personal attention, together with renowned Aussie humour and friendliness. We keep it light, but are serious about interpreting our special place. All of our guides have a wide knowledge of flora, fauna, reef biology, history, local geography and geology and will be pleased to share it with you.


Eco Accreditation

The Eco Certification Program has been developed by industry for industry, addressing the need to identify genuine ecotourism and nature tourism operators in Australia. The program is a world first and is now being exported to the rest of the world as the International Ecotourism Standard.

Under the Eco Certification Program, Ecotourism is defined as:

Ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

Ecotourism certification provides industry, protected area managers, local communities and travellers with an assurance that a certified product is backed by a commitment to best practice ecological sustainability, natural area management and the provision of quality ecotourism experiences.

The Eco Certification Program accredits products not companies, and certification provides the following benefits to operators, managers, communities and travellers:

  • Criteria to assist operators plan and develop their ecotourism product
  • A guide to assist operators implement the principles of ecologically sustainable development
  • An opportunity for operators to continually improve performance to a standard recognised as best practice
  • A recognised logo for operators to use in their marketing material
  • A recognised means for protected area managers and travellers to identify genuine ecotourism operators
  • A tool for protected area managers to encourage improved practices that lead to less environmental impact
  • A tool to help local communities determine a mix of tourism activities that maximises benefits and minimises negative impacts
  • An essential educational and information tool
  • The criteria for Advanced Ecotourism encourages and rewards innovative best practice that exceeds the Eco Certification Program standards.

Ecotourism Australia

The Eco Certification Program is an initiative of Ecotourism Australia, which has established an Eco Certification Program Management Committee to provide policy and management support for the program.

The Eco Certification Program operates as a self-funding, not-for-profit program, with a Management Committee overseeing an Audit and Assessment Panel, which are chaired by a person independent of Ecotourism Australia.

Credibility with industry, communities and travelers is at the heart of the Eco Certification Program. This is maintained through:

  • A rigorous assessment process including referees (one of whom must be a protected area manager)
  • Review and updating of criteria every three years to reflect emerging best practice
  • Feedback from customers of accredited operators
  • Audits of operators, including an on-site audit on the entire set of the Eco Certification Program criteria at some stage during the period of accreditation

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Green Policy

With significant diversity in its natural resources, Australia is an environment where enormous opportunity exists for people to learn more about the area?s natural and cultural resources.

The Down Under Tours Group of Companies has made a firm commitment to environmental sustainability through the support and participation of local studies, the implementation of staff accreditation and achieving nationally and internationally recognised company accreditation.

Additionally, best practice operations management is a fundamental component of the Down Under Tours Group commitment to environmental sustainability. It includes the focus on energy management, waste management and contribution to conservation through all levels of the Company.