Cairns & Tropical North Queensland Great Barrier Reef Tours

Great Barrier Reef Tours

Great Barrier Reef Tours

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef and one of the most breathtaking sites in the world. Whether you’re on foot, underwater, coasting on the waves or flying in the skies, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the colourful reef systems, vivid tropical islands, and sun-kissed beaches. Although the Great Barrier Reef is large enough to be seen from space, it’s much better to visit up-close with Down Under Tours!

Sail to the lovely coral cay of Green Island, where you can glide through warm waters to explore the sites, or stretch out on the sunny, tranquil beach. Surrounded by rainforest, wander through popular Green Island National Park.

For a different experience, choose one of our cruises that departs from Cairns to reach the Outer Great Barrier Reef, a few hours offshore and isolated from the mainland. There are no islands here, so you’ll see new and varied amazing marine life in the open ocean.

No matter how you prefer to immerse yourself in the Great Barrier Reef there is an option below to suit you!

Great Adventures

Adult price: $102.00

Passions of Paradise

Adult price: $195.00


Adult price: $262.00

Quicksilver Cruises: Outer Barrier Reef Cruise

Adult price: $273.00

Big Cat

Adult price: $99.00

Wavedancer Low Isles Cruise

Adult price: $217.00

Reef Magic

Adult price: $239.00


Adult price: $262.00


Adult price: $241.00

Seastar Cruises

Adult price:

Tusa Dive

Adult price: