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What’s on in Cairns: November 2019

October 25, 2019

In November, we welcome the lead up to Cairns’ wet season- the heat and humidity starts to rise with temperatures ranging from 22°-33°c. You definitely won’t need a jacket here! These temperatures also mean that […]

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6 of the World’s Most Spectacular Waterfalls

October 8, 2019

The majesty of waterfalls have attracted people for thousands of years. Sitting near their roaring waters, it’s impossible not to be swept away by the power and beauty of these natural wonders. They’re at once […]

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World’s Best Island-Hopping Adventures

October 2, 2019

When the sun is shining, nothing beats kicking back on a beach with a cold schooner or two. It’s even better if that beach happens to be on a tropical island. However, as you’re about […]

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What’s on in Cairns: October 2019

September 30, 2019

October is the middle of Spring in Australia and it starts to get warmer here in Cairns in the lead up to our hot Summer. Temperature’s range between 23 and 30° Celsius making it the […]

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Europe’s Best Aquatic Experiences

September 16, 2019

Australia’s oceans attract tourists in their masses from across the globe. We’ve got countless immaculate beaches, picturesque islands, the Great Barrier Reef… the list goes on. But on the other side of the planet, our […]

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6 UNESCO World Heritage sites that will change the way you see the world

September 10, 2019

Travel is supposed to open our eyes. Whilst you can’t beat the thrill of meeting new people or partying in a new city, it’s that feeling of expanding your horizons that makes it all so […]

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