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Cairns Weather in July

July 13, 2022

July is right in the heart of winter, experiencing the coldest weather in Cairns for the year. However, cold is a relative term in Cairns. During this period, high temperatures during the day hover around 25 […]

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Cairns Weather in August

August is technically considered winter in Cairns, but the weather here is unlike winter as you typically know it. Here in the Tropics we are so lucky to have beautiful, warm weather all year long, […]

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Cairns Weather in September

September marks the beginning of spring here in Cairns, and it brings with it warmer weather and beautiful sunshine. Temperatures are still fairly cool at night, but you’ll be comfortable with just a light jacket […]

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Cairns Weather in October

October is the end of the dry season in Cairns so take advantage of it while you still can. Heading into summer, rain will be more frequent, which can put a damper on your efforts […]

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Cairns Weather in November

November is the beginning of the wet season in Cairns but the chances of rain are still on the slim side during this month. Temperatures are warm and on the rise and you’ll start to […]

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Cairns Weather in December

December marks the beginning of summer in Cairns. With it comes some of the hottest weather of the year. Summer is the wet season so rain is frequent as well. Thanks to the warm weather […]

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