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If you're looking for extreme adventures, then Cairns is the place for you! From the adrenalin rush of bungy jumping or the minjin swing at AJ Hackett, to a tandem skydive. Or why not try and Xtreme white water rafting experience on the Tully River!

AJ Hackett, set amongst the pristine world heritage rainforest, offers the worlds first Bungy jump menu featuring 16 different jump styles. You can also experience the Minjin Swing, swooping from 45 metres to 1 metre in 3.5 seconds.

Or perhaps a tandem skydive is more your style? Why not see the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef from 14,000 feet - an adrenaline ride at its best!

If you don't mind getting wet, then why not try the Xtreme Tully Full Day White Water Rafting experience. It's faster, it's a greater rush, it's extra challenges - it's XTREME!

Bungy Jumping

As the innovators of modern day Bungy, AJ Hackett prides itself on developing and running the world's most exciting, adrenalin pumping challenge for any thrill seeker. Set in lush tropical rainforest of North Queensland, AJ Hackett Cairns has been Bungy Jumping for almost 20 years, offering a jump menu of 16 different styles that tests even the most hardcore adrenalin junkies!
from $169
Flying on the multi-person Minjin Jungle Swing and reaching speeds of up to 120kph in 3.5 seconds is AJ Hackett's way of experiencing extreme speed and acceleration together! With 1, 2 or 3 mates the Minjin Jungle Swing takes you above the rainforest canopy, then with one almighty tug on the release cord, soar through the trees.
from $129